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Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2021 - 12:41 WIB

King of Morocco: Our Country is Target of Deliberate Hostile Attacks

King of The Kingdom of Morocco, HM King Mohammed VI

King of The Kingdom of Morocco, HM King Mohammed VI

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Mata Pers Indonesia_Fez – Morocco is the target of deliberate, hostile attacks led by the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity that build their positions on ready-made, yet obsolete, premises, said Friday HM King Mohammed VI, adding that they simply do not want Morocco to remain free, strong and influential.

Morocco is a target because it is a country steeped in history – it has existed for more than twelve centuries, not to mention the nation’s longstanding Amazing history – and it is governed by a citizen-based monarchy which has existed for more than four centuries, and which is rooted in a solid bond between the throne and the people,” the Sovereign stressed in a speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People.

Morocco is also a target because of the security and stability it enjoys; these are invaluable assets, especially in light of the upheavals characterizing today’s world, the Monarch said, adding that the Kingdom, like some other countries of the Arab Maghreb Union, is the target of deliberate, hostile attacks.

Regrettably, a few countries, especially European ones, which are traditional partners, fear for their economic interests, markets and spheres of influence in the Maghreb region, HM the King added, noting that some of their leaders fail to understand that the problem does not lie in the systems of Maghreb countries, but in their own.

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Therefore, they want us to become like them. And to that end, they invoke unfounded pretexts and accuse our national institutions of failing to uphold rights and freedoms in order to tarnish their reputation and try to undermine the esteem and great respect enjoyed by our country.”

They do not want to recognize that the rules of the game have changed – that our countries are able to manage their own affairs and use their energies and resources for the benefit of their peoples,” the Monarch noted.

In fact, some reports have really crossed the line. Instead of calling for Morocco’s efforts for balanced development in the region to be supported, they made recommendations to impede Morocco’s progress, arguing that its development creates an imbalance among Maghreb countries, HM the King said.

Furthermore, they concocted a full-fledged campaign to distort the image of our security institutions and undermine their usefulness and effectiveness in preserving Morocco’s security and stability, the Sovereign added, noting that these institutions also provide support and coordinate action at the regional and international levels, as acknowledged by a number of those countries themselves.

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The plots hatched by the enemies of our territorial integrity only enhance Moroccans’ faith and their resolve to continue defending their homeland and its interests, the Monarch pointed out.

Whether those parties like it or not, we shall continue on the path we have chosen for ourselves, despite the enemies’ exasperation and the envy of those who hate us, HM the King said.

Some people claim that Morocco is being attacked because it has changed its political and strategic direction, or because of the way it is handling some diplomatic issues, the Sovereign added, noting that this is simply not the case.

Morocco has, indeed, changed, but not in the way they want it to. Morocco does not accept that its best interests be trampled on. At the same time, my country is keen to have strong, constructive and balanced relations, especially with our neighbors,” the Monarch underlined. (PERSISMA/Ed)

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